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1. Introduction to HTML (Hypertext markup language)
2. How to use HTML editors?
3. Basics of HTML for web development
4. HTML elements for web development
5. HTML attributes for web development
6. Text formatting in HTML (Bold, Italic, Underline, strike, superscript, subscript, large, small, div, span)
7. Setting meta tags in HTML-keywords, document description, page redirection, page refresh and setting cookies
8. Single line and multi line comments in HTML
9. How to insert images on web page with width, height, border of image in HTML?
10. How to insert Table in HTML-table heading, cellspacing, cellpadding, colspan, rowspan, table border?
11. How to insert ordered and unordered lists in HTML with their types?
12. How to insert hyperlinks in in web page using HTML?
13. How to insert image hyperlinks, height, width of image in HTML?
14. How to insert iframe tag in HTML?
15. Block elements, inline elements, div and span in HTML
16. How to set text font size, font face and font color in HTML?
17. How to insert HTML forms controls and their attributes?
18. ID and Class in HTML and difference between ID and Class in HTML
19. What are frames and framesets horizontal and vertical frames in HTML?
20. Embedding multimedia (audio and video files on web page in HTML)
21. What is marquee and how to insert it in HTML?