How to add and format text in MS word 2019?

When you have opened a new document or file and saved it at your desired location, the next step comes is to enter text in your document area.

Document area is the area where you actually type your text and take your print. The flashing vertical bar is called the insertion point and it represents the location where the text will appear when you type.

Step 1: Keep the cursor at the text insertion point and start typing the text. In our example we have inserted a simple sentence as “I am a programmer”

Step 2: To format your text, select the text first you want to format i.e. to change text into Bold, Italic, Bullets, Numbering, setting font family of your choice, setting font colour and more. The formatted text is shown below:

How to add and format text in MS word 2019?,

Explanation: In the above picture, we have selected some properties of text which will give you basic idea of changing text properties

  • Font family selected as Verdana.
  • Font weight selected as 24.
  • Text emphasis selected as bold and italic.
  • Font colour selected as red.
  • Text placed as centered.
  • Lastly line bullet has been selected and applied.