Exploring MS word 2019 window

In this tutorial, we will understand basic and advanced functions of MS word 2019. An MS word window with some explanation is shown below:

File Tab

This is where you come, when you need to open or save files, create new documents, print a document, share, export document and do other file-related operations.

Font Selection

The font selection drop down list provides various types of fonts available in MS word 2019 which can be applied to the text after selecting the text you want to set font type.

Font weight

This drop down list provides different types of font weight required for your text. Select text and then click drop down of font weight and select font weight of your choice.

Title bar

This lies in the middle and at the top of the window. Title bar shows the program and document titles.

Find and replace text

By clicking find drop down you can search any word in your document area. The moment you search a word, it will get selected in all the document. After searching the required text you can easily replace that text with a new text you want to set.

Font group

This area provides many options to change the text properties like font style, font weight, to make text bold, italic, underline, to set subscript, superscript, changing font colour, formatting document etc.

Paragraph setting

The area captioned with paragraph provides various setting for paragraph in the document like keeping the paragraph text at left, center or right positioned. It also provides options of setting bullets, numbering the paragraph lines, line spacing, filling back colour, indentation etc.

Ruler in MS word 2019

Word has two rulers, a horizontal ruler and a vertical ruler.

  • The horizontal ruler appears just beneath the Ribbon and is used to set margins and tab stops.
  • The vertical ruler appears on the left edge of the Word window and is used to gauge the vertical position of elements on the page.

Paragraph style group

Under style group in MS word 2019, you can set the style of your text as per your choice and also format your text.

Document area

This is the area where you actually type your text. The flashing vertical bar is called the insertion point and it represents the location where text will appear when you type. This insertion pointer moves ahead as you type.

Document view buttons

These buttons are located to the left of the Zoom control, near the bottom of the screen, lets you switch through the Word’s various document views.

Zoom scroll

Zoom control lets you zoom in for a closer look at your text. The zoom control consists of a slider that you can slide left or right to zoom in or out; you can click the + buttons to increase or decrease the zoom factor.

This is all about the brief overview of MS word 2019 window explorer. For detailed tutorial kindly visit all the topic one by one.