Animation in CSS

Animation in CSS allows you to specify the change in the properties of CSS elements. Transition feature also allow you to change the properties of elements but it provides a little features to do that. In order to take this concept further, the CSS3 comes with keyframe based animations that allow you to specify the change in CSS properties.

What is filter and its properties in CSS?

When you develop a website, you generally come under situations where you insert many images on your web page. These images give your website a wonderful look. But, you may be required to adjust the properties of these images as per your wish. These properties may include the values like brightness, contrast, shadow, grayscale, hue, saturation, opacity etc. You can adjust these values by using filter property of CSS3.

What are media queries in CSS?

Media queries in CSS enables you to set your document correctly on different size of screens. These Media queries allow you to present your web pages on a specific range of devices like mobile phone, tablets, monitors and wide screens. Media queries allow you to make your web page responsive which can be easily opened on every types of screen.

How to apply transition on element in CSS?

The transition feature in CSS3 allows you to change the property value of an element to occur smoothly over a specified period. In normal CSS scenario, when the property value of an element changes, the resulting value instantly updated. For example, the background color of a button changes its color when a mouse hovers it and it happens instantly.