Initialization And Declaration Of Array In C#

Occasionally, you need to declare multiple variable of same data type. It is complex and time taking process. Just for an example, you have to declare 100 double type of variable then what would you do? Will you declare variable as like: double num1,num2,num3,num4,num5,num6,num7,num8…. num100; It is not a good  way to declare multiple variable of same data

C# Array

Array is a collection of variable of same data type. If you have declare 1000 long variable, then you can declare an long type array of 1000 size. The value of array can be access using index position of array. The first index position of array is zero. In C#,  two types of array: Single Dimensional Array and

C# Out Parameter

C# out parameter is like type of parameter that is declared with using out keyword. It is the like as reference parameter, that doesn’t create memory allocation. Usually, a method returns value with using return keyword. Unfortunately, a return modifier can return only one value at a time. Sometime, your C# program required to return multiple values from

C# Reference Type Variable

In this article i am explaining about reference type variable in C#. The Reference type variable is type of variable in C# that maintain the reference of memory address instead of value. class, interface, delegate, array is reference type. When you create object of any class with new keyword, a space is created in the managed heap

Value Type Parameter In C#

In this article i am explaining about parameter in C#. As mentioned previous chapter, there are two types of parameter that can be use in function. First  is Value type parameter and second is reference type parameter. Before understanding both type of parameter in C#, you will have to understand Value type and Reference type. In two

C# Method Declaration

In this article i am explaining about Method in C#. Method is the production block of object-oriented programming. It combines related code together and makes program easier. In C# method declaration, you can declare method by following way: Syntax: <Access Specifier> <Return Type> <Method Name>(Parameter list) {     Body } Example: public void Hello() {       Body }