C# BinaryReader Tutorial With Programming Examples And Codes

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If you have bin file stored in your PC and you want to read them then BinaryReader may help you lot. BinaryReader class is used to reading binary files. A binary file stored data in different layout that is more efficient for machine but not convenient for human. BinaryReader makes this job simpler and show you exact data stored in bin….

C# BinaryWriter Class With Programming Examples And Codes

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BinaryWriter class writes Primitive type data type as int, uint or char in binary to a stream. As its name says BinaryWriter writes binary files that uses a specific data layout for its bytes. BinaryWriter create binary file that is not human understandable but the machine can understand it more smoothly. It supports writing string in a specific encoding. BinaryWriter class provides methods that simplify writing….

C# TextReader Class With Programming Example

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TextReader Class represents a reader that can read a sequential series of Characters. It is abstract class that means you cannot instantiate it. After finishing reading or writing file you must disposeor clean memory directly or indirectly. To directly dispose, call Dispose Method in try/catch block and for indirectly disposal write code inside using block. Programming Examples: In this programming Example I will open D:\csharpfile.txt using….