Passing Array As Parameter In C#

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An array can also be send  to method as argument or parameter. A method process the array and returns output. Sending array as parameter in C# is very easy as passing other value as parameter. Just create a function that take array as argument and then process them. The following example will help you to understand how to send….

C# Params Array

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Some conditions, you are not assured about number of parameters or you want to create a method that can accept n number of parameters at run time. This situation can be handled with params type array in C#. The params keyword creates an array at run time that receives and holds n number of parameters. static….

Multi Dimensional Array In C#

The multi dimensional array in C# is like type of array that store more than one row to store data on it. The multi dimensional array is also known as rectangular array in c sharp because it has same length of each row. It can be two dimensional array or three dimensional array or more. It contains….

One Dimensional Array In C#

In this article i am explaining about single dimension array in C#. The single dimensional array or one dimensional array in C# is the easy type of array that contains only one row for storing data. It has single set of square bracket (“[]”). Create single dimensional array in C#, you can write the following code. string[] Books….

Accessing Arrays Value

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After storing values into the array, you need to retrieve the values from array and mandatory some operation on value. As storing value in array is very easy, the retrieving value from array is also so easy. You can retrieving array’s value by its index position. Each index position in array refers to a memory address in which….

C# Storing Value In Array

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After announcement of array, you required to store value in array. In array you can store value at compile time by writing in the program or run time by taking input from the user. In this chapter, we will learn how to store value in array using c#. Storing value directly in your C# program: In your….

Initialization And Declaration Of Array In C#

Occasionally, you need to declare multiple variable of same data type. It is complex and time taking process. Just for an example, you have to declare 100 double type of variable then what would you do? Will you declare variable as like: double num1,num2,num3,num4,num5,num6,num7,num8…. num100; It is not a good  way to declare multiple variable of same data….

C# Array

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Array is a collection of variable of same data type. If you have declare 1000 long variable, then you can declare an long type array of 1000 size. The value of array can be access using index position of array. The first index position of array is zero. In C#,  two types of array: Single Dimensional Array and….

C# Command Line Argument

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We all understand, that we can pass parameter to a function as argument but what about Main(string[] args) method? Do parameters can be passed to Main() method in C#? Yes, parameter(s) can be passed to a Main() method in C# and it is called command line argument. Main() method is where program stars execution. Main….

C# Out Parameter

C# out parameter is like type of parameter that is declared with using out keyword. It is the like as reference parameter, that doesn’t create memory allocation. Usually, a method returns value with using return keyword. Unfortunately, a return modifier can return only one value at a time. Sometime, your C# program required to return multiple values from….