Difference between varchar and nvarchar in sql.


Hi i am explaining the major difference between the VARCHAR and NVARCHAR Data Type in Sql Server: Varchar Non-Unicode Variable Length character data type. Example: DECLARE @Name AS VARCHAR(50) =‘PAWAN SHUKLA’ SELECT @Name It takes 1 byte per character Example: DECLARE @Name AS VARCHAR(50) = ‘PAWAN SHUKLA’ SELECT @Name AS Name, DATALENGTH(@Name) AS Length Result:….

C# – Difference between Abstract class and Interface

An Abstract category associate degreey with none implementation just looks like Interface; but there area unit lot of variations than similarities between associate degree Abstract category and an Interface. Let’s explain both concepts and compare their similarities and differences. What is Abstract Class? An abstract category could be a special kind of category that cannot….

C# – Difference between String and Stringbuilder in C#

Here i will make a case for what’s difference between string and stringbuilder in c# mistreatment asp.net. String is immutable. immutable means that once we have a tendency to produce string object we tend to cannot modify. Any operation like insert, replace or append happened to vary string merely it’ll discard the recent value and….

What is interface in c# with example


An interface is defined as a syntactical contract that every one the categories inheriting the interface should follow. The interface defines the ‘what’ part of} the syntactic contract and also the deriving categories define the ‘how’ part of the syntactical contract. Interfaces define properties, methods, and events, which area unit the members of the interface…..

Difference between subscribe and computed in knockout js

In short, a computed is reasonably like a getter/setter property and mainly for calculated values. Subscribe may be a kind of recall perform that you will add/remove from a subscribable object, which observables and computeds derive from. By default, a subscription subscribes to a topic called ‘change’, and would look like this when expressly defined:….