Join in SQl

SQL Join is used to get data from two or more tables, and show record in single set of data. SQL Join is used for combining column from two or more tables by using values common to both tables. Join Keyword is used in SQL queries for joining two or more tables. Minimum required condition for….

Difference between firstordefault and singleordefault

Both are the element operators and they are used to select a single element from a sequence. But there is a minor difference between them. SingleOrDefault() operator would throw an exception if more than one elements are satisfied the condition where as FirstOrDefault() will not throw any exception for the same Single() – There is….

Join Query using Entity FrameWork

I am explaining how to use join in entity framework. Example: var data= (from emp in dbContext.Employee join sal in dbContext.Salary on emp.EmployeeID equals sal.EmployeeID select new { EmployeeID= emp.EmployeeID, Name= emp.Name, Salary= sal.Salary }).ToList();

Cusror in SQL

Cursor is a Database object which allows us to process each row and manipulate its data. A Cursor is always associated with a Select Query and it will process each row returned by the Select Query one by one. Using Cursor we can verify each row data, modify it or perform calculations which are not….