Binding true / false to radio buttons in Knockout JS

In this case, i think that a nice choice is to make the writeable computed evident a “sub-observable” of your IsActive┬ádiscernible. Your view model would look like: var ViewModel = function() { this.IsActive = ko.observable(true); this.IsActive.ForEditing = ko.computed({ read: function() { return this.IsActive().toString(); }, write: function(newValue) { this.IsActive(newValue === “true”); }, owner: this }); };

Casting and Type Conversions (C# Programming)

C# is statically-typed at compile time, after a variable is asserted, it cannot be declared once more or accustomed store values of another kind unless that kind is convertible to the variable’s kind. as an example, there’s no conversion from Associate in Nursing number to any arbitrary string. Therefore, once you declare i as associate

Introduction to OOPS Concepts.

OOP stands for Object Oriented Programming. It is a programming methodology that uses Objects to build a system or web applications using programming languages like C#, etc. Here, Objects plays a very important role because it hides the implementation details and exposed only the needed functionalities and related stuff that is required to adopt

Differences between SQL Server temporary tables and table variables

Temporary tables are created in tempdb. The name “temporary” is slightly misleading, for even though the tables are instantiated in tempdb, they are backed by physical disk and are even logged into the transaction log. They act like regular tables in that you can query their data via SELECT queries and modify their data via