Difference between subscribe and computed in knockout js

In short, a computed is reasonably like a getter/setter property and mainly for calculated values. Subscribe may be a kind of recall perform that you will add/remove from a subscribable object, which observables and computeds derive from. By default, a subscription subscribes to a topic called ‘change’, and would look like this when expressly defined:….

Binding true / false to radio buttons in Knockout JS

In this case, i think that a nice choice is to make the writeable computed evident a “sub-observable” of your IsActive┬ádiscernible. Your view model would look like: var ViewModel = function() { this.IsActive = ko.observable(true); this.IsActive.ForEditing = ko.computed({ read: function() { return this.IsActive().toString(); }, write: function(newValue) { this.IsActive(newValue === “true”); }, owner: this }); };….