What is Angular 2.0

Have questions about the strategy for Angular 2.0? This is the place. In the following article I’ll explain the major feature areas of Angular 2.0 along with the motivations behind any changes. Following each section, I’ll provide you with my own opinions and insights into the design process including important areas where I think the….

Difference between subscribe and computed in knockout js

In short, a computed is reasonably like a getter/setter property and mainly for calculated values. Subscribe may be a kind of recall perform that you will add/remove from a subscribable object, which observables and computeds derive from. By default, a subscription subscribes to a topic called ‘change’, and would look like this when expressly defined:….

Binding true / false to radio buttons in Knockout JS

In this case, i think that a nice choice is to make the writeable computed evident a “sub-observable” of your IsActive discernible. Your view model would look like: var ViewModel = function() { this.IsActive = ko.observable(true); this.IsActive.ForEditing = ko.computed({ read: function() { return this.IsActive().toString(); }, write: function(newValue) { this.IsActive(newValue === “true”); }, owner: this }); };….

Naming convention in Ext JS.

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Naming convention is a set of rule to be followed for identifiers. It makes code more readable and understandable to the other programmers as well. Naming convention in Ext JS follows the standard JavaScript convention which is not mandatory but a good practice to follow. It should follows camel case syntax for naming the class,….

Basic Introduction of ExtJS.

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ExtJS stand for Extended JavaScript, is a JavaScript framework and product of sencha which is based on YUI (Yahoo user interface).It is basically a desktop application development platform with modern UI. This tutorial gives a complete understanding of Ext JS. This reference will take you through simple and practical approach while learning Ext JS. The….

Sorting, Paging and Filter grid using AngularJS

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Now I am going to explain that how can we achieve paging, sorting and filter in grid by using ng-table api of angularjs. Functionality we will achieve after doing this article: 1)      Paging. 2)      Sorting. 3)      Filtering. Let’s start step by step so that we can achieve our objective at the end of this article…..