Join Query using Entity FrameWork

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In this article i am explaining how to use JOIN method in Entity Framework. Below is very simple and easy example. var query = db.Employee // source .Join(db.Salary, // target c => c.EmployeeID, // FK cm => cm.EmployeeID, // PK (em, sal) => new { Employee = em, Salary = sal }) // project result….

Partial View in ASP.NET MVC

Partial View in ASP.NET MVC like a  User Control in ASP.NET Web Forms. In order to reuse a View in our MVC application (For example, use a header, list of items or footer etc.), Partial Views are introduced that basically renders inside a Parent View. Let’s give an example to understand the concept of Partial Views in more….


In this article i am explaining mazor different   between Asp.MVC vs Asp.Net Web Forms. ASP.NET WebForms ASP.NET Web Forms uses Page controller pattern approach for rendering layout. In this approach, every page has it’s own controller i.e. code-behind file that processes the request. No separation of concerns. As we discussed that every page (.aspx)….

Validation in MVC

Validation is an important point in ASP.NET MVC applications. It is used to check whether the user input is valid. ASP.NET MVC provides a set of validation that is easy-to-use and at the same time, it is also a powerful way to check for errors and, if necessary, display messages to the user. Adding Validation….

Helpers in MVC

In ASP.Net web forms, developers are using the toolbox for adding controls on any particular page, in ASP.NET MVC application there’s no tool chest accessible to tug and drop markup language controls on the view. In ASP.NET MVC application, if you wish to make a view it ought to contain markup language code. So those developers….

Data model in MVC

In this chapter, we’ll discuss concerning building models in  ASP.NET MVC Framework application. A model stores knowledge that’s retrieved in keeping with the commands from the Controller and displayed within the read. Model may be a assortment of categories whereby you may be operating with knowledge and business logic. Hence, essentially models ar business domain-specific….

What is View in Asp.Net Mvc

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In an ASP.NET MVC application, there is nothing like a page and it also doesn’t include anything that directly corresponds to a page when you specify a path in URL. The closest thing to a page in an ASP.NET MVC application is known as a View. In ASP.NET MVC application, all incoming browser requests square….

Action Filter in MVC

Action selectors are attributes that can be applied to action methods and are used to influence which action method gets invoked in response to a request. It helps the routing engine to select the correct action method to handle a particular request. It plays a awfully crucial role once you area unit writing your action….

Action in MVC

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ASP.NET MVC Action Methods are responsible to execute requests and generate responses to it. By default, it generates a response in the form of ActionResult. Actions typically have a one-to-one mapping with user interactions. For example, enter a URL into the browser, click on any particular link, and submit a form, etc. Each of these….

Difference between razor and aspx engine in mvc

In this post we have a tendency to area unit aiming to compare 2 major view Engines in ASP.NET MVC as well as ASPX view Engine and Razor view Engine. Let’s initial perceive What a reaud Engine is? What is a view Engine in ASP.NET MVC? “View Engine in ASP.NET MVC is employed to translate….